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We are constantly working hard to keep prices down. Unlike manufacturing traditional leads, we have had to invent new technology as well as the product.  For every one Diamond weight that is made there may be as many as five that don’t turn out right.


If you look at it in a different way, pound for pound Diamond weights will save you money in the long run.  Fishermen are constantly trying to make their end tackle blend into it's surroundings, focusing on the line and hook mainly.  There never is much attention paid to the weight.  Think about it, what is the biggest and ugliest thing at the end of your rig?  It’s the lead. Until now nothing that could have been done about it.


OK, you’re going to say what about stone weights.  Well they have been around ever since fishing began, just not with a swivel hanging out the end of them.  And yes they are natural.  However if your stone weight lands in an area where there are no other stones, it may look out of place.  Also as new film footage has shown, the fish can actually see the weight move before it gets hooked, this spooks the fish and they drop the bait along with the hook it had in its mouth.

You won’t have this worry with Diamond weights.  You can literally drag Diamond weights across the bottom of a lake and you can’t see it.

There are also dung lead weights which have stones, soil, and sand etc stuck to them.  Again, if this weight lands on any background other than one matching itself, it won’t work, it will stand out like a sore thumb
You could easily spend £10 on a set of these weights for all environments that your weights may land on, when you could just buy one Diamond weight at around £2.49 each.
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