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Will Diamond weights cast as far as normal lead weight?...

Well, just about. Diamond weights are designed to be invisible, more so then a long distance casting weights.  However, bearing that in mind, we have been able to design our weights to do both.


The graph you can see to your right is marked in feet. For instance, please see the graph.  On average of 10 casts each, korda 2oz flat pear was reaching distances of 102 yards.  Diamond weights were reaching distances of 99.8 yards.  Not much between the two. 

Any competent angler will be able to reach distances of 100 yards +.  
Most anglers feel the need to cast further and further out, as they feel that the fish further out are less used to seeing the end tackle, mainly the lead.  You don’t need to think like that with Diamond weights. 

Fish are not going to be used to seeing Diamond weights, as it looks as clear as water when it’s at the bottom of a lake or river. 

There really is no need to cast that far with Diamond weights.

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